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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

New Courses  in Information technology

New Courses  in Information technology

By Dr Pratibha  Jain,

( Scholar in Child Development, PhD in Child Development , Delhi University )

International Education Consultant


Information Technology and Computer science are domains of study , research and

application that are catalyzing  change at every  level of human activity. Selection of

country for higher education in this field is a personal choice as University

curriculums in every country expose students to the latest in cutting edge

technology . Entry to  most courses is based on consistent academic excellence

with particular emphasis on Physics and Mathematics; evidence of aptitude for

quantitative analysis, logical reasoning, critical thinking and passion for research in

technology .

Computer Architecture  encourages experimentation with  designs  for  faster,

smaller  and efficient computing hardware. Core modules include Computer

architecture, Embedded Systems, Embedded Software Development, Operating

Systems, Programmable System-on- Chip, Digital Signal Processing, Wireless

Communications, Algorithms to Architectures, Electronic Design Automation,

Computational Intelligence.

Data science or analysis of “Big Data”is emerging an important base for decision

making and strategic planning. Core modules are Data mining, data warehousing,

statistical and quantitative analysis , artificial intelligence, collaborative systems,

using R programming , business analytics software like IBM's  InfoSphere platform to

analytics technology . Students learn to design filters and permutations of   datato

uncover patterns and trends in unstructured data whichhave  numerous  commercial

applications like  predicting customer behavior , tracking market

cycles,  optimizing  websites for customer retention ,  spotting  potential cluster

opportunities ,  protecting against   security threats and  mapping customer profiles .

Accepts students from varied disciplines with strong quantitative analysis.


Multimedia and Creative Technologies  integrate disciplines of   creative arts  and

software engineering .The   program  includes  core technologies that are common

to  visual effects,   mobile applications, android apps, visual graphics, digital

marketing, gaming,   animation , adapted algorithms , cryptography, digital

media,  intelligent control and cognitive systems, interactive communication design,

security and integrity of systems .Mobile Applications are developed forspecific

functions with security compliance.

Cloud architecture and Cloud computingis defined as an    understanding of

‘virtualized  networking’ . Students learn to integrate networks of mobile applications

, androids,iOS devices , Business Intelligence Systems. Multiple technical platforms

and apps  work seamlessly  together  with the ‘cloud’. Cloud architects learn to create

the  ‘hybrid cloud’  after analyzing which cloud services make the most

economic  sense to run internally for an organisation and which should be farmed out

on a pay-per- use basis.

Games Development has many applications from simulated learningof any skill to

entertainment . Modules include ArtificialIntelligence,Multiplayer Game

Development, Game Engine, 3-D Graphics and Rendering, Immersive Game

Development , Computer Animation and Simulation, Networked Artificial

Intelligence ,Advanced Mobile Devices and Game Consoles

Interface Design , Visual Design , Usability Testing, Sound Design for Games , Audio

Expression ,Critical Theory and Analysis of Games ,Anatomy of a Game .

Computer Securityis most important in an era where all kinds of confidential

information is transmitted through easily accessible cyber- mediums. Modules

includeCryptography, Network Security Operating Systems, Data Mining, Digital

Forensics and Investigations, Network Forensics, Advanced Digital Forensics,

(Malware Forensic Analysis), Developing Secure Systems, Cybersecurity, Advanced

Coding Theory, Managing Information Security


Robotics  is at the core of all new intelligent devices and automation.

Modules include Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence,  Computational Models

and Neural Systems, Gadgetry, Humanoids,  Feedback Control Systems, Robot

kinetics and dynamics, Computer Vision, Human-Robot Interaction, Manipulation,

Mobility and Control Systems Engineering and Management for Robotics, Computer

Vision, Sensing and sensors ,Mechanics of Manipulation, Dynamic

Optimization,  Mobile Robots, Mechatronic Design, Statistical techniques in

Robotics, Advanced mobile robot development , Algorithm Design and Analysis.

Assistive devices and software aims to integrate hardware and software to meet

needs of people with challenges . Modules include Human Computer interaction,

Applied Biomechanics and Motor Control, Interface in Assistive Technology, Human

Characteristics in Relation to Assistive Technology Software Development , Product

Design and Development , Augmentative and Alternative Communication.


Indicative list of Universities offering  Computer Science and Information technology

programs both at as UG and post graduate programs.


Universities of Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Bond, Deakin, La Trobe


McGill, Universities of Toronto, Waterloo, British Columbia, Simon Frazer, Ottawa,

Alberta ;


Trinity College of Dublin, Queens Belfast, Delf University, University of Munich ,

University of Paris;

Hong Kong

Hong Kong University, Hong Kong Science and technology University


Nanyeng Institute of technology; National University of Singapore


Universities of Bath, Warwick, Southampton, Aston, Loughborough, Exeter


Carnegie Melon,  Georgia  Tech, New York University, Southern California,

University of Maryland, Indiana at Bloomington, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Columbia;

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